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Hiya, I'm Maxi (tripleh), Owner of Lust Clothing

This month there is a new valentines competiton!!!! And a fabulas lovey dovey rare!! Keep checking back for more updates!


- New december site, with new competition, and a new rare!!!!-
- Visit the new b.board and chat page -

- New hooch style trousers added! -

- As you may have noticed, i have not added much recently. I have been very busy and had a few problems on my mind (nothing major!) Please don't think lust has gone bye bye, its just on a little break. -

- You may have noticed that i have not been adding much lately. I've been rather busy in a few areas of life but I have added a lot of new additions today! I hope you check em out! [ 2 new tops , 2 new trousers , 1 new dress , 1 accessory , 1 shoes, 1 skirt ] I shall be in business properly come january! -

-New cord skirt and red jacket up!-

-A range of cord flares are added!-

-New site uploaded, The system of buying clothes has also changed (please see instructions-

COMING SOON - Lust Interiors!